World Squash Day 2014

World Squash Day 2014

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Squash clubs all over the world will be celebrating World Squash Day on Saturday October 18th with a stimulating and varied programme of events.


World Squash Day is sanctioned and supported by the World Squash Federation, and gives clubs and federations the opportunity to promote the sport and add to the growing army of players in around 185 nations worldwide.

World Squash Day founder Alan Thatcher said: “We aim to build on the incredible success of the recent Commonwealth Games in Scotland (right). Squash succeeded on so many levels, firstly with the outstanding quality of the play producing dramatic entertainment and outstanding TV coverage.

“Secondly, the squash events attracted thousands of spectators every day, and thirdly, a large proportion of those were newcomers to the sport who were absolutely entranced by their first taste of the sport.

“We know that many of these spectators quickly found a local club and began taking lessons. That, in a nutshell, is what we aim to achieve on World Squash Day.

“Squash is a game for life, beginning with adventurous schools programmes attracting youngsters to the sport and culminating in a steadily-expanding tournament schedule for Masters players.

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World Squash Day in Vancouver

We will post information here of events happening in Vancouver. Check back often.


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The logo for this year’s event was designed by Kristi Maroc