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Squash Stamps


It never occurred to me to Google “Squash Stamps” until today but I’m glad I did. Check out this gorgeous stamp that cleverly celebrates our game. The stamp was designed in 1977 by... READ MORE

Women’s Squash Week 2017


Women’s Squash Week is coming back to Vancouver and British Columbia! DATES: September 23 – October 1 Women’s Squash Week is an initiative spearheaded by “NY: Squash” and originally supported in Vancouver by... READ MORE

SquashFEST 2017 Photos


We’ve published our SquashFEST 2017 photos over on our official Flickr page. There’s more than 100 of them! We had another amazing weekend filled with some epic squash and some memorable moments. Hopefully... READ MORE

SquashFEST 2016 Photos


We’ve published our SquashFEST 2016 photos over on our Flickr page. There’s more than 150 of them! Check them out and remind yourself about how much fun you had last year and, if you’ve... READ MORE

World Squash Day 2016


Canadians Encouraged to hit the Court on October 22 Squash is a great game. Rated as one of the healthiest sports in the world, those who play it know just what we’re talking... READ MORE