SquashFEST 2014 Group Photo

© Yasmine Franchi

Calgary World Health Edgemont crew had a blast!! Everyone was so friendly and out to have a good time and play some good squash. We may get a crew down again next year. So fun!! Thank you so so much.

Easily one of my favorite tournaments. The Lakeshore Racquet Club, which borders on the beautiful Okanagan lake, makes for an amazing setting with beaches, tons of activities, camping, and great people. My family and I travel all the way from Arizona each year to make the trip.

First time I played it and I had a great time. I had 3 really good matches, lost 2 and won 1 and the 2 I lost were 2 of the most enjoyable matches. The opponents were not only better, but they had great attitudes and I feel like I made a couple of friends that I could hook up a game with if I happened to come to their hometown (we drove from Edmonton and it was totally worth the trip!)

SquashFEST represents all the reasons why I play squash!

It’s a great tournament, great location and nice atmosphere. We enjoyed it very much, especially my dog. He had so much fun! We will definitely come back next year.

I like SquashFEST because, besides the good organization, its up to you what you make of it, and the atmosphere is relaxed.

One of the highlights on the tournament calendar!

Great job Pacey. I’d never been to Summerland before, but it was a really great weekend. Thanks for taking the time to organize all of it.
– Jimmy V.

My apologies for the lack of competitiveness on my part. Will do my best to not have too much fun next year. Thanks for a great weekend with some squash.
– Kevin L

‘Twas my first SquashFEST and I had a blast. Thanks so much for your effort and organization.
-Max H

Thanks to Robert and Diane  from us as well. We had a great time and so much appreciate your hard work in putting this great weekend together every year. We are already looking forward to next year.
-Kevin D

Thanks from Loan and I as well. It was a bloody brilliant weekend and we know you worked hard to make it happen. Definitely be there next year. 🙂
-Christian B

Thanks so much guys! We had a great time as usual.
-Jennifer L

Thank you for all the work you put into making Squash FEST the great fun that it was. Steve and I will definitely be back next year, do you have a date or is it too soon to know? Be well until next year.
– Steve and Ashley B

Thank you once again for fitting me into your tournament at the last minute. The setting and people made for a great time. I would definitely like to join you again next year.
– Jason M

Awesome weekend! I had a really great time. Dingles was a neat experience as well. Thanks for all the your effort in putting this event on. I’m sure there’s lots behind the scenes work to make this go so smoothly.
– Mike A

Dood . . . super awesome as always….  🙂
– Mr. Teeroy