Squash Canada Launches Online Referee Certification Course

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As you may have heard, Squash Canada, in collaboration with its Provincial/Territorial Squash Associations, has recently unveiled significant changes to their squash officiating program. Among the changes made to the program is the creation of a new competency based structure to certify officials across all levels of the officiating pathway as well as the renaming of Squash Canada’s certification levels.

More importantly, for the average club or league squash player, Squash Canada and its Provincial/Territorial Squash Associations have unveiled a new online referee certification course to certify coaches at the club level. The entry level of Squash Canada’s revamped officiating certification program has been renamed “Club Referee” which replaces the previously used “D” level designation. Players who have not had formal training can now access the online referee class that is now available via Squash Canada’s learning channel on Course Park –  http://coursepark.com/squashcanada.  This course can be purchased from either Squash Canada or your Provincial/Territorial Squash Association websites and is currently available in English and French. The cost for the course is CDN $30.00 + tax.

Squash Canada contracted Pacey & Pacey Design and Squash Republic’s Design Studio to create the printed collateral for the launch of our Online Club Referee Program.  They worked with our organization to  execute and deliver a first rate series of posters that they also customized for our member associations and we were very pleased with the project. – Danny Da Costa, Squash Canada

Squash Canada approached Squash Republic to assist them in promoting the event with a series of posters. These posters make use of dramatic photos of some of Canada’s top players in situations where a ref might be involved and will be distributed across the country.

Players shown on the posters include national champions Miranda Ranieri and Shahier Razik as well as Nikole Todd, Sean Delierre, Dane Sharp and Andrew McDougall

Read the Squash Canada press release here.


Squash Canada Posters