Since 1999 Squash Republic has been creating eye-catching and effective poster designs for local and international squash associations and sporting events. Working in partnership with Pacey + Pacey Design we have successfully branded over 50 events.

Posters have always been the main way that squash events publicize themselves. They are a cost-effective way of advertising and convincing players to play in your event. Most participants may decide whether or not to patronize your event SOLELY based on what your poster looks like. For this reason we like to pay special attention to this part of event branding. Full colour digital printing is the new standard for low-run posters and unique dimensions can also assist in creating word-of-mouth.

Squash Republic can also produce a well-designed entry form that can formatted for quick online downloading. We can also create artwork for tripod banner displays or large format vinyl banners that takes your poster design to the next level.

Hire us to create your next poster design

The following poster designs were all created by Squash Republic. If you are interested in having us create a poster design for your event please contact us for a quote.

All artwork is © Squash Republic or their respective owners.