2014 BCQS – Barbados Masters Squash

2014 BCQS – Barbados Masters Squash

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My wife Diane and I have just returned from our fifth visit to the lovely island of Barbados for the 2014 BCQS and I still can’t believe I’m home and that I can’t just walk five minutes to Accra beach and swim in that amazing blue water. It’s just not fair. We’ve made the 12 hour trek from Vancouver to Bridgetown five times and coming home still isn’t any easier.

I’ve told you before about how amazing a destination Barbados is and some of you have listened and joined us. For that we are grateful but not as much as you are:) (Right Chad, Lauren and Max?)

I could tell you about the amazing people we’ve met (our island family:) but all you have to do is look at the photos to see how lucky we are to have met them. I could tell you about all the amazing places we’ve been to (“End of the Earth!”) but you probably wouldn’t believe me. Yes, the tournament hosts a pig roast and yes, they take us on a day-long, Banks-fueled, catamaran ride where you get to see and swim with “flippy floppies” but photos almost don’t do those experiences justice.

This year was particularly special as we made a concerted effort to visit even more locales. You’d think that a 16 square mile island would have given up all it’s secrets in five visits but we still found more to do and more vistas to amaze us. We even made friends with a goat named Frisky!

We have discovered a squash paradise. Thank you to all our Bajan amigos. We love you and we’ll see you next May. “Blat, blat, blat.”

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Click on the photo below to see the complete set of photos on the Squash Republic Flickr page.

2014 Barbados Squash